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Browse our archive of statements by Galderma's employees to get a deeper look at our dermatology company and the many job functions working harmoniously to create Galderma's success.


Smita Shinde
Deputy Manager- Accounts
Mumbai, India

When did you begin your work at Galderma India?
I started my journey at Galderma India in November 2007.

What was your motivation for choosing this career/field of work?
I am very calculative by nature and like to play around with numbers. Planning & budgeting is my favorite area. Because of this, I chose to be an accountant.

A narrative you remember specifically from your work at the company?
Teamwork (Pot luck lunch) during Mr. Hari Ram’s farewell.

What do you like to do when you don’t work?
Cooking, reading books (especially mythological books), listening to music.


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Purnima Kanojia
Assistant Manager - Medical Services
Mumbai, India

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