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Insider's View

Browse our archive of statements by Galderma's employees to get a deeper look at our dermatology company and the many job functions working harmoniously to create Galderma's success.


Purnima Kanojia
Assistant Manager - Medical Services
Mumbai, India


When did you begin your work at Galderma India? 
August 11, 2009

What is your role in brief?
I assist Head-Medical and Regulatory Affairs in medical services like academic support to the doctors, in constant touch with leading KOLs, promotional compliance, and regulatory projects like product registrations.

What was your motivation for choosing this career/field of work?
My love for travelling and interacting with people attracted me the most to this field. I got the opportunity to interact with doctors, dealing with sales of specialized products like drugs and cosmetics.

Tell us about an ordinary day at work?  
My day begins with replying to emails – both doctors and colleagues, interacting with field colleagues and doctors across the country. 

What is most fun at work right now? 
Interacting with KOLs – helping them with their CMEs and providing academic support.
Being a part of SPF Launch meet. 

What do you like to do when you don’t work? 
Cooking and spending time with my children

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Smita Shinde
Deputy Manager- Accounts
Mumbai, India

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